• IMAGO Relationship Therapy

  • When the early excitement of falling in love fades, differences which once felt trivial become the source of disagreement and frustration. In a safe and confidential setting, I welcome individuals and couples into my private practice to improve their communication skills, increase their positive self esteem, and restore the connection in their primary relationships. Imago Relationship Therapy is based on the best selling book, "Getting the Love You Want," by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Co-Founded Imago Relationships International together with his partner, Helan LaKelly Hunt, PhD. As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, I give couples the tools they need to transform their relationship difficulties into the shared path of healing for optimum growth and connection. The Imago Dialogue is a simple, respectful and effective way to talk to your partner about the things that really matter. Exploring, understanding and appreciating your differences can become the most joyous experiences of your life, and the path to lasting love. In Imago their is no blame, shame or harsh criticism. Instead, a stronger connection comes through attentive listening and being deeply heard in an emotionally safe environment. Then surprising answers to age old conflicts can emerge from the relationship itself. Conflict and frustrations are truly growth waiting to happen. Imago gives couples the tools they need to restore the loving connections they seek.

  • Important Notice:

    This particular Imago Relationship Therapy Program is based on Harville Hendirx's best selling book; Getting The Love You Want, by a certified practitioner and  is not covered by insurance;  It is primarily psycho-educational, and experiential, while I am in the role of your relationship coach and consultant. Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. Some couples elect to utilize a longer session of one and a half hours each to deepen their experiences of connection  and practice dialogue skills which are the corner stone of Imago Relationship Therapy.  In which case sessions of 90 mins or more are pro-rated at $260 per hour (example 90 mins per sesion  = $390).  

     Learning to care for the garden of your relationship requires that you both learn the skills required to care for that garden. Become a Master Gardenr and reap what you sew. Let me show you how!

    This is a profound Couples Relationship program about creating  a safe space to deepen intimacy, promote healing and restoring the experience of loving connections; a true investment in your long-term committed relationship. An excellent primer for premarital couples or those married for years wanting to enrich their relationship or even avoid divorce.  You will  be requested o read Dr. Harville Hendrix, PhD.'s classic book: GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT. (Also available on CD Audio). Couples that complete 10 or more sessions with me in my private office are also encouraged to attend an Imago Relationship Therapy Couples Weekend Intensive offered throughout the year in Northern California.  After which, you may return to have tune-up sessions with me (whenever needed).  These communication tools are yours for the rest of your life. For over 35 years,  Dr. Hendrix (as seen on the Oprah Show some 17 times) has refined essential couples' skills that greatly enhance relationships and have saved many marriages from divorce or unnecessary affairs.  Doesn't your relationship deserve such an investment?  Please see the International Imago Relationship website for more information at www.gettingtheloveyouwant.com